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Kristen prepares Joanne's hair for coloring

You've written the blog. You've cited references. You've shown examples. It's been proofread by your staff and you're ready to post it. Awesome!

Stop. One thing you failed to mention was whether you posted photos.

The average article or blog post should contain at least three photos, one of which should be a 'grappling hook graphic' that explains the general idea of your blog. For instance, let's assume you're a hair salon that just blogged about how to "ready" your hair before coming in for a coloring. This is a great topic for an article, but there's one thing you need to remember - very few people are going to read your text. Very few.

Regardless of how eloquently your words are written, the general public will basically ignore it. Unless....

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Digital Signage & Billboards by CaddisArt, Inc.

All About Digital Signage at your Business

Digital-Signage-by-CaddisArt-IncWhat is digital signage? 
It could be as simple as a cheap computer hooked to a Wal-Mart television for under $1000. This means of entertaining your guests and waiting room visitor is a sure fire way to pass along any message you want. 

Can I maintain the digital signage myself?  
Yes! We can make it very easy for you to update your digital signage by using an app on your phone or computer. Update daily, weekly or not at all. Want to interact with your visitors? Let them tweet directly to your screen! 

Can I go across multiple locations? 
Sure can! Late at night the machines will even backup the content of your signage while you're sleeping! Once we configure one machine, the rest is easy - just replicate the machines and viola! 

Can I play videos and display news at the same time?
Absolutely! The possibilities of what you can do with the digital signage platform is endless! Play photos, videos, blog articles, social media, maps, and even company directories. 

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Monitoring Your Business Growth for Free

moneygraph caddisartWith so many digital media outlets these days, how can you possibly keep on top of where your growth is measuring up?

Computers are smart - you all know that, but what you may not know is that servers and computers are tracking your growth - even if you didn't ask for it. This is to your advantage! Let's take a peek into some different ways you can monitor your growth.

Your Website
Although this may differ depending on your hosting account, most servers will monitor the traffic of your website. If not, there are ways around it.

Our first choice is to use

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Reflections on 2014

xmasball CaddisArtAs we close out another year of business at CaddisArt, Inc., we reflect on the many wonderful experiences and learning opportunities we've had in 2014. If we've learned anything, it's to give back to our customers and continually pay it forward with knowledge and smart marketing to make our customers more successful.

Each year a whole new batch of businesses come into our offices and on our desktops. We plan for them, market for them, design for them and help them promote their strong suits to become more profitable.

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