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The CaddisArt web team takes great pride in designing and developing beautiful, functional websites for your company to enjoy for years to come. 

However, There are very clear differences between Web Design and Web Development. Both of which we handle here in our office. Let's review:

  • CaddisArt-PhotoshopWeb Design
    The first portion of any web project is the design aspect. The design is, in part, what makes a website's users stay on your site. It's important. It's not only the artwork that makes the site look appealing but the flow of the navigation and ease of use. How elements are placed are key in what web design is all about. After all, if the users cannot find what they are looking for, the website is almost useless. Here are some common problems that signify a poor design:
    • Blinding colors
    • Overwhelming animations or advertisements
    • Hard to read or small text
    • Difficult navigation
    • Poor mobile compatibility 
    • Heavy load time (too graphically rich)
    • Poor SEO practices (ability for search engines to find your site)
    • Music or video that plays automatically

  • codeWeb Development
    Web development is a more broad term, usually relating to the programming and functionality side of the website. Usually this includes:
    • PHP or ASP.NET Programming (or other technology)
    • Relational Databases
    • Email servers and web server infrastructure
    • Web language translation
    • Mathematic and formula translations
    • Application development and programming 

CaddisArt, Inc. encompasses all flavors of both Web Design and Web Development. On rare occasions, we'll reach out to our very high-end application development partners. We're not ashamed to admit that there are better hard-core programming wizards out there than us. These are the pioneers of the programming industry and we rely on them when the project warrants. 

CaddisArt has created beautfully functional sites for many companies since the Internet was in its infancy. Here are just some of those companies:


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