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Digital-Signage-by-CaddisArt-IncWhat is digital signage? 
It could be as simple as a cheap computer hooked to a Wal-Mart television for under $1000. This means of entertaining your guests and waiting room visitor is a sure fire way to pass along any message you want. 

Can I maintain the digital signage myself?  
Yes! We can make it very easy for you to update your digital signage by using an app on your phone or computer. Update daily, weekly or not at all. Want to interact with your visitors? Let them tweet directly to your screen! 

Can I go across multiple locations? 
Sure can! Late at night the machines will even backup the content of your signage while you're sleeping! Once we configure one machine, the rest is easy - just replicate the machines and viola! 

Can I play videos and display news at the same time?
Absolutely! The possibilities of what you can do with the digital signage platform is endless! Play photos, videos, blog articles, social media, maps, and even company directories. 

Can we make it a touchscreen kiosk for our users? 
Once again, YES! These go into a little bit of custom development, but easy for the folks here at CaddisArt! Please be sure to contact us for a consultation. 

Are your systems efficient? 
We take great care in making sure the systems turn themselves on and off so you don't have to. The machines will even perform evening backups while your office is closed. 

Is there a monthly fee?
Short answer, no. Long answer, maybe. If you need continual updates and changes to your signage that you cannot maintain, you can hire us to handle it for you. 

What's the cost? 
This is hard to nail down depending on what your needs are. A simple example may give you an idea of what the systems cost:

  • Two screens, same location, same display
  • Playing a series of your videos in 720p
  • Events listing (updated by you)
  • Company News (updated by you)

Approximate costs for two same-screens, single location:

  • Hardware and cables: $2000
  • Install (one time fee) approx: $1500.00
  • Software setup (one time fee): 1200.00
  • Monthly fee: NONE

Compare that price to other digital sinage companies: 

Example Cost from Other Companies: $3500.00, 2100.00,  3600.00 = Total: $ 9200.00

Example Cost from CaddisArt: $2000, 1500.00, 1200.00 = Total: $ 4700.00

Who have you done Digital Signage for?
CaddisArt has done digital signage for the following type of companies:

  • Doctors Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Bicycle Shops
  • Attorney's offices

The possibilities are endless. You can custom-tailor your signage to do just about anything. 

Some examples of our Signage:


Call CaddisArt, Inc. today to have us come out and demo our Digital Signage. Call (856) 719-0273 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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