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  • About the CaddisArt Team

    Meet Chomper.Hey guys, what's the story?

    CaddisArt, Inc. was officially formed in late 1998 after a successfully opening a photography studio in Atco, New Jersey. We are a team of professionals who like to work for our clients providing new ideas, resolutions and solutions that help them become successful and to prosper.

    What kind of name is CaddisArt?

    If you've ever had the pleasure of fly fishing (a calming activity that requires skill and patience) you've probably heard of a "Caddis Fly." Since we tied our own flies as a hobby, we decided to use them on an extended 5 day fishing trip in northern Pennsylvania back in 2001. We had a very good string of luck with one particular Caddis Fly that day (about twenty trout on the same fly), hence the name of the company. It's silly, we know, but it was a lasting memory that we hold dear.

    We're complete dorks and proud of it.

    We'll be the first to admit that we are not GQ guys and Victoria's Secret models with fancy cars and $400 shoes. We're cooler than that - we sit in front of computers and shake hands with busy business owners such as yourselves. We really enjoy what we do. I'll bet one of us is wearing orange flannel pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt pouring over a website or Photoshop project right at the time you're reading this.

    If it isn't fun, don't do it.

    The marketing path is one of the most versitle and creative avenues one can walk. There's art, technology, mascots, trade shows, t-shirts, dinners, cocktail parties and more. There's not much we can't do in the marketing world. We've been here a while. We enjoy it - probably much more than you.

    Work hard, play hard.

    We often lose track of time working on projects for our customers. As some of us work all times of the day, we need to take time with our families and friends. But when we do, we seem to do it to the extreme. The members of CaddisArt enjoy cross country bicycle touring, college football, hikiing, photography, kayacking and camping. Many of our business ideas come up sitting around a campfire sipping a warm cup of coffee.


  • Monitoring Your Business Growth for Free

    moneygraph caddisartWith so many digital media outlets these days, how can you possibly keep on top of where your growth is measuring up?

    Computers are smart - you all know that, but what you may not know is that servers and computers are tracking your growth - even if you didn't ask for it. This is to your advantage! Let's take a peek into some different ways you can monitor your growth.

    Your Website
    Although this may differ depending on your hosting account, most servers will monitor the traffic of your website. If not, there are ways around it.

    Our first choice is to use

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