• Implementing a Call To Action

    bargain 455990 640'A call to action' or CTA is probably one of the most overlooked, yet easily implemented methods of marketing. You've continually seen calls to action over and over again in almost everything that is presented to you. Here are a few examples of calls to action:

    • Buy Now!
    • Call us Today
    • Read More
    • Act Now!
    • Let's do it!
    • Talk to us
    • Contact us Today
    • Get a free <widget> today!
    • Give it a try for FREE
    • Be Awesome!
    • Only 30 left, Hurry!

    Alternately, you can make the user unconsciously wait for the CTA by saying (and we are quoting the late Billy Mays), "But wait, there's more!" Making, or even letting, the users hunt down to find a way to contact you or to move forward with a purchase or inquiry is unfathomable and should never occur. Ever.

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