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    All About Digital Signage at your Business

    Digital-Signage-by-CaddisArt-IncWhat is digital signage? 
    It could be as simple as a cheap computer hooked to a Wal-Mart television for under $1000. This means of entertaining your guests and waiting room visitor is a sure fire way to pass along any message you want. 

    Can I maintain the digital signage myself?  
    Yes! We can make it very easy for you to update your digital signage by using an app on your phone or computer. Update daily, weekly or not at all. Want to interact with your visitors? Let them tweet directly to your screen! 

    Can I go across multiple locations? 
    Sure can! Late at night the machines will even backup the content of your signage while you're sleeping! Once we configure one machine, the rest is easy - just replicate the machines and viola! 

    Can I play videos and display news at the same time?
    Absolutely! The possibilities of what you can do with the digital signage platform is endless! Play photos, videos, blog articles, social media, maps, and even company directories. 

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