• Who is Robert Blanda?

    RobertBlandaWebDesignerRobert W. Blanda is a seasoned IT and marketing professional with 18 years experience in look and feel, functional design, web design, print design, photography, videography and Photoshop with the ability and skills to provide creative, innovative, enthusiastic and forward-thinking leadership in a team environment.

    In 1990, Robert studied network engineering at Rutledge University at IBM Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia with a focus on K-12 educational computing and courseware.

    "My goal is to do it right the first time" Robert says, "and assist the client by showing them that their project is your project." Robert strives on not only customer satisfaction, but customer focus. "You can really become close with your client. You want to show them they made the right choice. I also never let tasks fall by the wayside. Do it swiftly, do it accurately, but most of all, do it creatively. Bring brilliant ideas to the table."

    Robert has led teams with Tandy Corporation, CompuCom, IBM Corporation and CaddisArt, Inc., to serve customers nationwide. During his time at CaddisArt, Robert has formed several groups to promote bicycle safety education and long-distance cross country touring. He and his partner Ann have four teenage boys living in Central New Jersey.

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