What is Clickbait? Don't click this link!

What is Clickbait?

Whether or not you know it, most of you have fallen victim to "clickbait." It's that provocative, must-click-now-to-see-what-it-is marketing attempt.

noun: clickbait; noun: click bait

(on the Internet) content, especially that of a sensational or provocative nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page. "These recent reports of the show's imminent demise are hyperbolic clickbait"

Here's an example: "A dog finally sees his owner and what he does next will amaze you!" or "Top ten lists of most horrifying accidents. #6 will completely gross you out!"

In most cases, clickbait is specifically designed to make you visit a website you wouldn't normally visit. These pages are usually heavy with advertisements and popup windows that show their advertisers that they are getting large amounts of traffic. Hence, they can sell more ads.

Facebook and Twitter posts are probably the most prevalent of these and they spread like wildfire. People share them, like them and comment on them, increasing weighted EdgeRank (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EdgeRank) and false traffic reports.

Companies like Facebook are now cracking down on clickbait by flagging specific keywords. When using these keywords, your post will be seen less than a normal post or photograph. Clickbait tends to upset honest bloggers that spend time shaping and forming words to bring you an informative article. We work hard to get traffic that we earn, and clickbait ruins it all.

In short? Avoid creating them - it's very possible that Google is also cracking down on false content. It is Google's goal to bring us relevant content - not garbage full of ads and nonsense. You may want to send a message to the creators by not clicking on them either. Don't worry, you're not missing out on anything!

Here's another great article regarding clickbait: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/you-asked-for-it-so-here-it-is-clickbait-headline-102503806084.html

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