Monitoring Your Business Growth for Free

moneygraph caddisartWith so many digital media outlets these days, how can you possibly keep on top of where your growth is measuring up?

Computers are smart - you all know that, but what you may not know is that servers and computers are tracking your growth - even if you didn't ask for it. This is to your advantage! Let's take a peek into some different ways you can monitor your growth.

Your Website
Although this may differ depending on your hosting account, most servers will monitor the traffic of your website. If not, there are ways around it.

Our first choice is to use

Google Analytics. This free system will allow you to monitor traffic and history in REAL TIME! Just blogged something awesome? Watch where the users are coming from and what pages they visited! You can even convert an old, unused computer to dedicate it to full time monitoring of your website with little to no investment. Learn more about Google Analytics here.

Our second choice is WP Slimstat for Wordpress. This free gem works very much like Google Analytics, but does not require you to place code in your website for it to work. It's real-time and has many great features such as user flow and extended history.

Our third choice, and probably the most primitive is actually the most accurate. Your hosting statistics. Find your hosting account control panel (or cPanel) and look for "statistics" or "AWStats."  Here you'll find some basic statistics about your visitors and their activity on your site.

Facebook fan pages have what's called "insights." These insights are very accurate and will help you determine what posts are performing better than others.  It also allows you to add your competition into a list so you can compare how well you're doing versus their fan page.

Twitter has a free website you can visit that will show you exactly what's going on with your tweets. It will monitor Replies, Retweets, Favorites and will provide a host of graphs that will help you understand your engagement rate.  This is another free tool. You can learn more about Twitter Analytics here.

Our suggestion?

Keep up with all of it. Leave no stone unturned. You may find that a post or article you published is receiving tons of attention that you didn't know about. This is valuable information - use similar content for the next batch of blogs and posts!


Robert W. Blanda is a seasoned IT and marketing professional with 18 years experience in look and feel, functional design, web design, print design, photography, videography and Photoshop with the ability and skills to provide creative, innovative, enthusiastic and forward-thinking leadership in a team environment.

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