Blogging the Funny Engagement

blogging-the-funnyBoth small and large companies often underutilize the power of blogging. However, those blogs that exist are overlooked because of incredibly un-engaging content. If you take anything from our little points, remember that engagement is key to spreading the very information you came to sell - with clever humor. 

Let's face it, anyone can take $1000 and buy a great website. We're not doubting that at all. Let's talk about blogging instead. 

It's important to remember that the more interaction and ever-changing content is what makes your site stand out from the rest. In the spirit of fresh content, blogging will seal the proverbial 'Ziploc'® baggie. 


If you decide to keep a company blog, commit. That means writing a full article with pictures and references at LEAST once a week. This is more challenging than it sounds - but your reward will reap great benefits. Put it on your calendar. It's important!

Humor is arguably the first line of an effective marketing campaign. Rule? Make people laugh, make people remember. If you brand your humor and make it company-specific, people will not only remember your post, they will share it.

Case-in-point: "Where's the Beef?"

Lets pretend for a minute that you own a small startup carpet cleaning business. Since you want to keep your blog industry-specific, an article about an executive sitting on the floor and getting his slacks wet (add photo for bonus points) might gain more attention than if you talked about how long it takes for the carpet to dry. We know you want to pass that information on, but it'll be on your website. Let's just get them there for now. 

Use your social posts to point back to these clever little gems you write about, regardless of how silly. Tie it in with Google Analytics and watch the traffic trickle in. 




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