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bloggingMany people in small business don't take the time to really understand how to drive traffic to their website. There are many things you can do, both large and small, to drive traffic to your website. Here are a few tips to get you started by using social media and blog posts: 

  • First and foremost, sign up for the five major social media channels using your business name. These would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Youtube. You may elect to join others such as pinterest if your business is based on visual elements such as jewelry, crafts, bicycles, etc. Try Instagram as well. 
  • Be sure you have a blog in place. Even if you have a website it is important to post regular articles that you or an employee write. Once a week is a good number, but you may find it necessary to post more than that if you've got a broad audience. The point here is to be diverse and write articles that appeal to the masses - not just a few select groups. 

Great - you've got your blog and your social channels in place. Now lets look at the order of things:

  1. Write your article offline 
    Use Microsoft Word or other word processor to write your article so you can spell check and check for errors while you write. 
  2. Obtain visually appealing photographs that won't break the bank
    You can use sites like to get free images or try buying some from Shutterstock. Take our advice - never use a photo without permission - the stock photo companies use robots to seek illegal use of photographs. 
  3. Look good? Now post your blog.
    Post your article on your website. Be sure to work your title in a way that grabs the users attention by either asking a question or saying something that will make them want to read more. (Incidently, now would be a good time to set up Slimstat or Google Analytics so you can watch your traffic.)
  4. Now lets hop on to Facebook first. 
    Copy and paste the link to your article into a facebook post. Add a question or call to action. Upload a related (or same) photo. You may elect to delay when the post is shown by scheduling it for a later time. 
  5. Twitter
    We don't have a lot of room here, so lets get creative. Use to shorten your URL and type a question such as, "How many rooms in your house have carpet?" or something related to the article you wrote. Remember, the point here is drive traffic to that post. 

Now open your Google Analytics page and watch the realtime traffic. Sometimes you'd be surprised how many people are using your website just by a creative post. 

If you'd like more tips and trick such as these, be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the home page. 

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