Marketing and IT Under One Roof

pcrepairOur Company Principals are also Engineers

Unlike other marketing firms in the Philadelphia region, CaddisArt, Incorporated is a full-fledged, full-service marketing and information technology firm. In addition to our vast knowledge of marketing, websites and social media, our firm is a full-service IT Support company. We're not just Marketing experts, we're proven information systems graduates. What Philadelphia firm can claim that? 

Our team also specializes in: 

  1. Microsoft Exchange Mail Servers
  2. Windows & Linux Hosting Services
  3. Desktop Publishing and Video Editing Powerhouses
  4. Notebook and System Repair
  5. Network Topology & File Servers
  6. Windows Desktop Support 
  7. Microsoft & Novell Server Support
  8. Digital Signage Servers

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CaddisArt Supports Local Organizations

CaddisArt Donation ProgramFor many years, CaddisArt has supported local education organizations, bands and high schools. 

It's not just the exposure - it's giving back to the community. Our sponsorship levels go way beyond writing a check for those organizations that put the money to good use. We have helped with technology in classrooms, auditoriums and computer labs. We've also helped design websites for local little league and softball leagues. We've been on the commission for Winslow Township Little League and other local organizations. We've also voluntarily taken professional photographs for in-game excitement and other events. 

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Implementing a Call To Action

bargain 455990 640'A call to action' or CTA is probably one of the most overlooked, yet easily implemented methods of marketing. You've continually seen calls to action over and over again in almost everything that is presented to you. Here are a few examples of calls to action:

  • Buy Now!
  • Call us Today
  • Read More
  • Act Now!
  • Let's do it!
  • Talk to us
  • Contact us Today
  • Get a free <widget> today!
  • Give it a try for FREE
  • Be Awesome!
  • Only 30 left, Hurry!

Alternately, you can make the user unconsciously wait for the CTA by saying (and we are quoting the late Billy Mays), "But wait, there's more!" Making, or even letting, the users hunt down to find a way to contact you or to move forward with a purchase or inquiry is unfathomable and should never occur. Ever.

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Say it with Pictures - Correctly

Kristen prepares Joanne's hair for coloring

You've written the blog. You've cited references. You've shown examples. It's been proofread by your staff and you're ready to post it. Awesome!

Stop. One thing you failed to mention was whether you posted photos.

The average article or blog post should contain at least three photos, one of which should be a 'grappling hook graphic' that explains the general idea of your blog. For instance, let's assume you're a hair salon that just blogged about how to "ready" your hair before coming in for a coloring. This is a great topic for an article, but there's one thing you need to remember - very few people are going to read your text. Very few.

Regardless of how eloquently your words are written, the general public will basically ignore it. Unless....

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