7 Quick Tips for Digital Media for Business - HERE!

We at CaddisArt like to give away free information that will help you succeed in the digital marketing world. 

We frequently post marketing, social and website tips for everyone without asking for anything in return. Why? Because we love our fans and customers!

There's one thing, however. Some of you are still forming old habits that could potentially hurt your marketing efforts. It's not too late to stop bad habits. Here are a few do's and dont's you can watch to help your social
and blogging strategy.

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Chalkboard Marketing Tip 12

What is Clickbait? Don't click this link!

Whether or not you know it, most of you have fallen victim to "clickbait." It's that provocative, must-click-now-to-see-what-it-is marketing attempt.

noun: clickbait; noun: click bait

(on the Internet) content, especially that of a sensational or provocative nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page. "These recent reports of the show's imminent demise are hyperbolic clickbait"

Here's an example: "A dog finally sees his owner and what he does next will amaze you!" or "Top ten lists of most horrifying accidents. #6 will completely gross you out!"

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Marketing and IT Under One Roof

pcrepairOur Company Principals are also Engineers

Unlike other marketing firms in the Philadelphia region, CaddisArt, Incorporated is a full-fledged, full-service marketing and information technology firm. In addition to our vast knowledge of marketing, websites and social media, our firm is a full-service IT Support company. We're not just Marketing experts, we're proven information systems graduates. What Philadelphia firm can claim that? 

Our team also specializes in: 

  1. Microsoft Exchange Mail Servers
  2. Windows & Linux Hosting Services
  3. Desktop Publishing and Video Editing Powerhouses
  4. Notebook and System Repair
  5. Network Topology & File Servers
  6. Windows Desktop Support 
  7. Microsoft & Novell Server Support
  8. Digital Signage Servers

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